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Wow. So much has happened in the past year and I haven’t documented any of it at all. I don’t really know why I haven’t put so much as finger to keyboard since March, but I haven’t. I guess my head just wasn’t in the right space for it. For whatever reason.

Anyway my head is now in the right space, so it would seem, so here I sit tap tapping away.

It is 2015. The year of The Goat. Woo! I’m in familiar territory being of the goat/sheep/ram variety of the Chinese Zodiac. The last year has been a big and exhausting one. Let’s have a look at what happened…

Began co-habitating with my significant other only.
Resigned from a job that was sucking all the joy out of life. I had become pretty depressed as a result of working in an environment that was not suited to me.
Re-established connections with myself by taking on more dance teaching. Going from teaching 3 hours a week to teaching 15.5 hours a week. Big change after not teaching those hours for nearly 3 years! I guess you are perhaps doing the right job if it doesn’t actually feel like work most of the time?
Realising (after spending some money on it) that my heart wasn’t sufficiently enthused enough to want to pursue practicing as a Nutritionist. That was a hard one! Still a useful tool to have in the tool box, but yeah… not so much for me as a full time job.
Deciding with my partner that we wanted to have a family together. He already has 2 from his previous marriage, but that was a pretty big milestone for us. And for me. There will probably be a post shortly covering the topic of ‘should I become a mum?’.
Got married! Highlight of the year! Big, big happy face.
Making the decision – very, very soon after getting married – that we needed to move out of Sydney.
Financial stress, financial stress, financial stress and all the joys that this can bring. This was the reason why we decided to move.
… and finally… moving to the Central Coast.

That’s the remainder of my 2014, in a nutshell!

So, here I am at the moment and this is what is on my plate right now…

New Year.
New Marriage.
New House.
New Town.
New Job(s).
New Car.

New Life?

So, here I sit. It is nearing the end of the first month of this new year (already? Shit! haha), I’m sitting in front of the tv watching “The Vow” (never seen it before, doesn’t seem to be too bad) while my gorgeous man is tucked up in bed (he now has a 1.5 hr commute to work and is up at 4:30am) contemplating what this new year will bring me.

Only so much.

The rest, is truly up to what I make of it!

Huzzah! Bring it on!